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Guides & FAQs

Section 1
Getting Started
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Section 3
Section 4
Students & Parents
Section 5
Student Reports
Section 6
Student Gradebook
Getting Started
QBefore Joining
  1. Click Sign Up from top menu and follow instructions.
  2. You will then receive an email with a link to confirm your email address. After doing so, you can log in and enroll a school or join an existing school as a teacher, student or a parent.
  3. If you sign up as a teacher you will receive a free individual teacher account, which has almost all featues as a school account, except that no other teachers can join your account.
  4. A member can enroll multiple schools and/or join multiple schools with the same login credentials.
QEnrolling My school
  1. Sign up for a teacher account and log in (teacher accounts are free). Click your profile icon from top menu and click on join as "School".
  2. After completing the form, you will receive an invoice. We will activate your school account after receiving payment.
  3. After your school account is activated, you need to configure your school Grades, Curriculum, Academic year dates and Academic weights/scales.
The process of enrolling a school takes only a few minutes.
When you enroll a school, you automatically become an administrator for that school.
An administrator is required to approve join requests from teachers but not students.
An administrator can grant editor/administrator rights to selected teacher(s). Later on this.
QJoining My School as a Teacher or Student
If your school is already enrolled,
  1. Sign up and login
  2. If you're a teacher, acquire the Teacher Pin from your school.
  3. If you're a student, acquire the Student Pin from your school or teacher.
  4. Click your profile icon from top menu and click on the required join link.
A school administrator is required to approve join requests from teachers but not students.
QModifying Subscription
Send us a request to modify your school account from your school email address. The request must come from the school's email address on file.
We will modify your account according to your request and will send you an invoice or issue a refund accordingly.
Please refer to our terms of service page for information on refunds.
QUser Levels / Permissions
Members who have joined their school successfully may be assigned one of the following user levels or user permissions by a school administrator:
  1. Administrator - can add/edit/view content in most pages and can assign permission levels to other members. Can assign admin rights to Editors or Teachers.
  2. Teacher - can post to HW Calendar and his/her Teacher Page. Can start / moderate discussions on own posted content. Can edit/delete only his/her added content.
  3. Editor - in addition to teacher rights, an editor can post to Bulletin Board and Events Calendar. An Editor may be a teacher or faculty member who has been granted an Editor rights by an administrator.
  4. Student - can turn in assignments from HW Calendar. Can participate in discussions and take online tests/quizzes.
  5. Banned - is denied as your school member.
NOTE: User Level is different from User Position. For example a user may hold a teacher position and be a school administrator at the same time.
QPrevent Users From Joining My School
Simply reset Teacher or Student Pin from your dashboard and don't give out the new pins.
Adding an assignment:
  1. Log in and visit the HW calendar
  2. Click on day number in "Month" view

Only admins, editors and teachers can post assignments.
NOTE: You must select the grades and subjects you teach from your profile page in order to be able to add/edit assignments.

Editing an assignment:
  1. Log in and visit the HW calendar
  2. Click on the assignment you want
  3. Click the edit icon
You can only edit/delete your own entries. Admin can edit/delete most entries.

Assigning students to an assignment:
Teachers can make an assignment visible to public or restrict it by selecting the students who can view the assignment content:
  1. Edit the assignment and click the "Assign Students" link.
  2. In the next screen, select students.
If no students are selected, the assignment will be visible to public.
By default assignments are visible to public.
Only active students will appear in the "Select Students" screen.
QTeacher Page
Every teacher has his/her own page, where s/he may post lessons, blog, rich content, files and etc. Each post can be made public or restricted to the school(s) you are a member of.
  • Log in.
  • From your dashboard, click "My Page" menu button.
  • Click the red add icon at the bottom right corner of your screen.
QEnabling Comments
Comments for each assignment:
  • Edit the assignment and check "Accept Comments".
  • In the same window you may check "Lock Comments" to prevent new comments after assignment due date.
Comments in Teacher's Page:
  • Edit the desired post in your Teacher's Page and check "Accept Comments".
Only active students, teachers and faculty can post comments.
Teachers are responsible for moderating comments.
Teachers will receive a notification in their message box when new comment is posted.
QStudent File Upload
Teachers can enable students to turn in assignments:
  1. Accepting files from students is per assignment, it is not global.
  2. Edit the assignment and check the "Accept student files".
  3. Assignment files will not be accepted after the due date.
  4. Each student can turn in only one file per assignment.
Only active students can turn in assignment files.
QAssignment Retake Or Re-Submission
Students may resubmit and overwrite a previously sumitted file, provided that the teacher has not yet viewed the student's file.
  1. Otherwise, the teacher may extend the due date for selected student(s) to resubmit the assignment.
  2. An assignment due date extension can be set by teacher only after due date is passed.
  3. IMPORTANT: When you select a student for assignment retake, the previously submitted data by this student for this assignment will be completely deleted and cannot be recovered.
  4. Please note that the teacher is not obligated to extend the due date for an assignment. S/he may do so based on personal judgement.
Only active students can turn in assignment files.
QQuiz Library
Quizzes/Tests must be added to the Quiz Library before they can be used online.
  1. From your dashboard click "My Quiz Library" link and follow instructions.
  2. You may find it easier to clone an existing quiz and edit it rather than to create a new one. We have included a sample quiz for each teacher that can be cloned and edited.
  3. You may use your quiz library in your free teacher account as well as all active schools that you've joined as teacher.
QAdding Q&A to a Quiz
From your quiz library click the edit icon for the desired quiz.
In the next screen you may enter questions and answers.
There are 5 types of questions and answers
  1. Multiple choice see example
  2. True False see example
  3. Short Answer**
  4. Fill in the blank see example
  5. Matching see example
You may add or embed images, videos or files to each question.
**Only enter maximum points this question carries. Due to varying answers students may submit for this type of question, submitted answers for "Short Answer" questions must be evaluated and scored manually.
QPosting a Quiz
  1. Create an assignment like you would for a regular homework.
  2. In the edit page, select "Quiz" or "Test" from drop down and enter other required fileds.
  3. Attach a quiz from your library by clicking "Attach Quiz" link.
  4. Select students who can take this quiz.
  5. Enter a password for this quiz if desired. Students will have to enter this password to access the quiz.
This newly created quiz information will appear in the student dashboard's "Upcoming Quizzes" box in (and in the HW calendar).

"Take Quiz" button will appear to selected students only on quiz date, between the specified times.

NOTE: students must be signed in to in order to see the "Take Quiz" button.
QQuiz Availability
  1. Online quizzes can be taken by students only on the quiz date, between specified "Due From" and "To" times. Quizzes will not be available to take before or after specified times and date.
  2. When a quiz is available for students, a "Take Quiz" button will appear in the assignment view page (when clicked from the calendar or upcoming quizzes box). This button will only appear to the selected students, between "Due From" and "To" times.
  3. When a student clicks on the "Take Quiz" button, s/he will have the period specified in the "Quiz Duration" field to complete and submit the quiz.
  4. If a student closes his/her browser during a quiz, s/he may return and continue taking the quiz, however all previously marked answers will be lost. The quiz time keeps ticking whether the browser is open or closed.
  5. If a student does not submit a quiz within Time Limit, the quiz will be submitted automatically at the end of time limit, provided that student's browser is not closed.
QQuiz Retake or Make Up Quiz
After the quiz deadline has passed, you can allow selected student(s) to make up or retake the quiz.
  1. From your dashboard click the "Quiz & Test Results" menu item.
  2. Click the "Details" link for the assignment you want.
  3. Click the "Extend" link located next to the due date on top right section of your screen.
  4. NOTE: When you select a student for quiz retake, the previously submitted data by this student for this quiz will be completely deleted and cannot be recovered.
Students & Parents
QI'm Being Asked To Select My Grade
Students will get this message or a similar one at the start of each academic year. Simply go to your personal profile page in your dashboard and select the grade you are in.
If you ignore this message or fail to select the grade you are in, you will not be able to make use of important school features. See Active Students.
QHow Am I Notified About Upcoming Quizzes & Assignments?
Simply visit the Homework Calendar and select the grade you are in. All upcoming asignments and quizzes are displayed on the calendar.

Additionally, an "Upcoming Quizzes" info box will always be visible in your dashboard. This info box is specific to the school page you are visiting, which means, if you attend 2 different schools you must visit each school's assignment calendar, or switch schools in your dashboard to see the relevant information.
QHow Do I Turn In Assignments?
From your school's Homework Calendar page, open the desired homework where you will find a link to turn in your assignment. Files will not be accepted after the due date.
On the assignment upload page you may either upload a file from your computer or share a file from the following services: Your teacher must have enabled homework upload for the assignment to enable student file upload.
QI'm A Student, How Do I Take An Online Quiz?
  1. Online quizzes can be taken only on the date and between the times specified. Quizzes will not be available before or after the specified times on due date.
  2. When a quiz is available to take, a "Take Quiz" button will appear in the assignment view page. This button will only appear to the students who can take the quiz.
  3. When "Take Quiz" button is clicked, you will be presented with the time you have to complete the quiz.
  4. If you do not submit the quiz within specified Time Limit, the quiz will be submitted automatically when the time ends, provided that your browser is not closed.
QI Closed My Browser During Quiz, Now What?
If for some reason you close your browser during an online quiz, you may return to the quiz and continue. However, your previously marked answers will be lost and you must answer all questions again. The quiz time keeps ticking whether you close your browser or not.
QI Missed The Deadline For A Quiz Or Assignment, Now What?
If you failed to take a quiz or submit an assignment on time, you may ask your teacher for an extention. If your teacher agrees, s/he will assign a date when you can re-submit an assignment or retake a quiz.
Please note that your teacher is not obligated to do so.
QHow Do I Post Comments?
Log in and visit the specified assignment's view page. If your teacher has enabled comments for the assignment you may post a question or comment.

You may also post comments or questions on your teacher's page.
QI'm A Parent And Want To See My Child's School Activity
  • Sign up with as a parent.
  • Acquire "Parent Pin" (located in student's dashboard) from the student.
  • Log in and enter the student name and Parent Pin in the appropriate boxes.
  • You can connect to more than one student account.
  • When connected, a parent will be able to view student's homework results, quiz results, attendance reports, progress reports, gradebook and more.
Student Reports
QAttendance Report
Taking attendance:
  • Click the "Attendance" link located at the top of the Homework Calendar.
  • In the modal window, click the checkbox for selected date which will mark P (present) for all students.
  • To change the status for a specific student, click the "P" for that student.
  • You may add a teacher note to a student.
  • Each teacher can add his/her note to a student for that day.
  • IMPORTANT: if a student attended partially for the day, his/her status should be marked "I" (incomplete) by the teacher who took the last roll call for the day.

QProgress Report
Progress report consist of two categories: "Work Habbits" and "Citizenship".
Each category can be marked as "E - excellent", "S - satisfactory" and "U - unsatisfactory".
We have included some predefined comments to insert into your report, however you can add your own predefined comments.
Here's how to generate a progress report for a student:
  • Click "My Students" from your dashboard.
  • Click "Progress Report: Add" link for the student you want, then "Proceed".
  • In the next page you will be able to generate a report and publish it.
  • Screenshots below can be explanatory.

QGrading Assignments
  • From your dashboard click "Assignment Results".
  • Click "Details" for the assignment you want.
  • In the next screen you will see a list of students in selected grade.
  • Grade each student accordingly.
  • "Add to Gradebook" checkbox will add student's score to student's gradebook or remove from it.
  • From this page, the teacher may send a private and/or a file to selected student(s).

QGrading Quizzes And Tests
  • In your dashboard click "Quiz & Test Results".
  • Click "Details" for the quiz you want.
  • In the next screen you will see a list of students in selected grade.
  • For online quizzes, click grade link/button for each student and his/her submitted quiz will popup, where you can grade the quiz.
  • The "Grade" link/button will only appear if the student has taken and submitted the quizz.
  • The teacher can score a quizz by entering student's score manually in the input box.
  • "Add to Gradebook" checkbox will add/remove student's score to/from the student's gradebook.

QThe Gradebook
From your Dashboard click "Gradebook" and select options to view gradebook.
To see Gradebook for a specific student, click "Students" from top menu, where you can choose the student.
Gradebook can be viewed for the entire academic year, a specific period or any time frame you choose in the filter bar.