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About was created from grounds up to simplify many of the tasks performed at schools and by teachers and students. We do not claim to replace the existing fundementals, only to complement it.

Our main goal is to save time for schools, teachers and students, which will in turn enhance their ability to concentrate on teaching and learning instead of spending countless hours on a platform that requires never-ending training. We continuously make best efforts to improve usability of the tools provided at our website and to bring new features as we grow.

Thank you for your interest,
Harry Ghazanian
Founder & Main developer

I take attendance
on the fly
& password protect
my quizzes
I can use
my quiz library
in all the schools
that I teach
My parents
check my gradebook
anytime for a
selected period
I turn in
assignments from
the HW Calendar
My teacher
posts lessons, videos
& files on her
personal page